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About us

We work to serve the ummah to help our brothers and sisters heal with the Sunnah method of medication. We focus on Tibb E Nabawi methods of healing. We not only diagnosis an diseases but also we keep the aim to cure it since we work with the saying of Prophet Muhammad SAW that "Every disease has its cure,except death"

We have a well coordinated team where we work hard to give u the best knowledge about Prophetic Medicines.

We have qualified doctors who are ready for online consultations. We also provide consultations at affordable prices and We also deal with the Sunnah products at the most affordable prices.

We have basic and short diploma courses in HIJAMA (CUPPING THERAPY) AND TIBB E NABAVI (PROPHETIC MEDICINES)

Stay connected with Islamic cure for duniya to avail all the benefits of Prophetic medicines

Meet The Team

Sunnah Shifa Founder

Al Hajj Anwar Khan


Providing you with the best Doctor for the best care

Sheefa Fatima
Dr. Sheefa Fatima (B.T.N.H & D.H.T)

Dr Sheefa is a young, dynamic Tibb E Nabawi and Hijama Therapist who is competent enough to deal complicated cases in a certified and best Manner possible,

Mr Mushir

Al hajj Syed

Musheer Ahmed


Sheefa Fatima

Sheefa Mushir


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Ayesha Mushir

(Deputy CEO)

Fiza Mushir

Fiza mushir


Fahad Ali Khan

Fahad Ali Khan

(Graphic Designer)